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Harlequin Photography

Thank you for visiting my website and I hope you find my images reflect the passion I have for photography.

I am a self taught photographer specialising in capturing the wonderful world of nature.

My love for photography means I constantly strive to learn and improve.

As president of the Echuca Moama Photography Club I encourage and support many local photographers and my photos have been successful in numerous competitions.

I have also dedicated my life to my other passion – coaching and mentoring young people in the horse industry.

I am very committed to providing much needed funds for these clubs and a percentage of all my sales is given directly to local pony clubs.

Nature is my inspiration and I hope you share in the pleasure and joy I felt capturing these images.

I have an extensive and continuously changing portfolio and am more than delighted to speak with you directly about any photos you may wish to purchase or and questions you may have.

Below are a selection of Anne’s photos.

Sizes 6″ x 8″      $15   (Matte print only)

Sizes 8″ x 12″    $25  (Matte print only)

Sizes 12″ x 18″  $40  (Matte print only)

Postage $10 per order.

Interested in purchasing a photo? Please scroll down,  fill in the form below and send (quoting the photo name eg. amazing sunrise) and make your payment.


    To order your printed photo simply fill out the form above and click the paypal button to make your payment.

    Sizes 6″ x 8″   $15
    (Matte print only)

    (plus $10 postage)

    Sizes 8″ x 12″   $25
    (Matte print only)

    (plus $10 postage)

    Sizes 12″ x 18″   $40
    (Matte print only)

    (plus $10 postage)